All about Me

why are you reading this ?    I lack any desire for politics (yes and I  live in Ottawa), I've lived in a few countries and I'm glad to be home again.    I am not the type to Twitter or blog but here I am trying to learn how because I have found something I feel strongly about.    I love my children, as most mothers do, and feel that the present school system in Ottawa Public ( oh and Ottawa Catholic too)  have some antiquated polices when it comes to child safety.    Yes, have your own opinions on if we should have Criminal checks for parents /grandparents.... but at least we are discussing it.  A topic that for the past 11 years (since the policy was written) it hasn't been talked about in Ottawa.      So here I am.   Not wanting attention, not wanting to be known, just wanting to do my own thing... and here I am an Advocate.    How in the world did I get here ???