Sunday, 16 October 2011

List of Antiquated policies related to student safety --8- 13 years old !!!

The following is a list of policies of the OTTAWA-CARLETON PUBLIC SCHOOL BOARD.  These are ALL polices that relate to the safety of children.   ALL of the following polices are 9 to 14 years old.    That means these polices have NOT been revised, discussed, looked, changed in any way during that time.   These are the policies that ALL Principals, teachers, parents, students and volunteers  MUST follow.   Shocking !!!

Name of Policy 
Reference #
Date it was last revised (discussed)
Guidelines for dealing with reports of strangers approaching students
        May 1998
Custody & Access to students by parents & guardians
    Nov. 2001 
Field Trips & excursions
    Jan.  2001 
HIV -AIDS students
     Aug. 1998
     Feb.  2000 
Educational tours & student exchange
     Feb.  2003
Reporting suspected child abuse & neglect- student under 16 years old
     April 2001 
Confidential communication between students & staff
   revised  May 2002
Student safety patrols
     June 2000
Alleged/ suspected violence within a student’s family
  PR. 606.SCO
     April  2001 
Crisis Prevention & Intervention 
     April 2001
School Dances 
     Nov. 1998 
Alleged employee misconduct towards a student
    Oct. 2002
Alleged harassment of a student
   Mar. 2001
Antiracism & ethocultural equity
     April 2001 
HIV-AIDS employees
     Aug. 1998
Employee & student safety: eye wash stations
     Aug. 1999

one more policy:
Trustee expenses for professional development, constituency communications & support services.    PR.503.GOV date last revised:       Oct. 2009    !!!   (love to see our Trustees are taking care of things).

If you were to read the policies of other Public school boards in Ontario (all online) you would begin to see how advanced they are compared to Ottawa.   York regional has a policy that states that all board policies MUST be reviewed every 4 years.   I'm thinking Ottawa Public school board has a similar one but it is to review their policies every 10 years !!    (sarcasm showing) 

I don't have the space on here (and the time) to list the remainder of the polices but there are not many policies left that relate to child safety that ARE up-to-date.   

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