Saturday, 1 October 2011

The second hand-out I've been giving out

ALL Ottawa- Carleton Public schools  continue to allow volunteers WITHOUT criminal background checks !!! 
  • criminal checks are free for volunteers
  • the present practice of, signing your name on a sheet gives us little information on who we have allowed into our classrooms.  
  • read your policy online  search “555 SCO” : the 11 year old policy on volunteers.   
  • 2.1 A parent volunteer in a school is a parent or guardian who currently has a child enrolled in and attending that school, or is a member of the community who continues as a volunteer in a school without interruption after the child has left the school.   (presently even grandparents have been included) 
  • low risk includes: • “in open, common area (for example, hallways, library, gym) with intermittent observation”  “Where the principal deems the volunteer activity to be of low risk, the principal or designate may allow a parent to volunteer without screening “  policy 555 SCO  written Feb. 2000 and no revisions since Feb. 2000.   (most schools practice no criminal check unless it is an overnight trip) 
  • As shown on CBC News at 6 pm on September 16,    search CBC News Ottawa.    
  •   Ask your school trustee for your child’s school if ALL volunteers (including parent / grandparent volunteers) have criminal background checks.  Please make one phone call to assure the safety of your child. 
  • 90% of all public school boards in Ontario have this policy in place. Some  for the past 10 years !!  All boards have their policies online.  
  • join Facebook group  “Ottawa- Carleton school board Criminal background checks for ALL volunteers.”    

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